Work in Progress: The White Raven, week 9

Week Nine. The week where everything went off the rails. AKA, the week I baked. A lot.

It’s only because I was so diligent in the early weeks that I’m still on track for finishing by the end of February. However, I’m just barely on track, so I need to get my words on the page this week. No excuses. Nose to the grindstone and all that.


The White Raven
Week Nine Total Wordcount

And in other news — there were cookies this week. Cookiepocalypse proceeds apace, although I did miss posting a day when I posted the pictures to Instagram. There was a Cookiepocalypse Day 2, I swear. There were coconut macaroons and everything (and they were AWESOME.)

Day 1 — Chocolate chip cookies. You saw these last week.

The 2017 Cookiepocalypse begins! Chocolate chip.

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Day 2 — you’re gonna have to trust me on the macaroons.

Day 3 — the INFAMOUS three color cookies began, and I finished them on Day 4. The finished product:

Cookiepocalypse Day 4. 3 color cookies are love.

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Day 5 was surprise cookies — meaning they weren’t the cookies I’d planned to make. My kitchen helper got sick, so instead of making spritz cookies, I made Jelly Cakes.


There will be more Cookiepocalypse this week. Those spritz cookies aren’t gonna make themselves!

And there will be words. LOTS of words.

What do you think?