Another new short

Took me a bit to get this one up and ready for sale, but I’ve added another short story to KU.

Student-Artificer Elijah Saloman discovers what he thinks could be a lost masterwork of the greatest Artificer ever born. He is determined to make it work, even though he has no idea what it is or what it is supposed to do. But when everything that can go wrong does, Elijah finds himself caught in an interesting predicament—trapped within the machine, and at the mercy of the whimsical plaything of a long-dead Artificer with a taste for the exotic.


Infernal Machine is interesting. It’s set in the same universe as House of Sable Locks, and involves Student-Artificers who are friends of Dieter, and in the same year of study.  Dieter’s not in this story, but Elijah is mentioned briefly in the sequel to House of Sable Locks (Bonds of Blood and Steel, currently under consideration at Circlet).

Elijah and Sasha may get their own book, eventually. But it will involve heavy research into the Russian Revolution, so not any time soon.

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Well, that was a non-event…

That, of course, being Isaias. I know it’s not going to be a non-event further up the East Coast, but usually it’s Florida that gets all the hurricanes. This time… well, I did say I wanted some dull. We got it. And this morning, after yoga, I swept the porch, moved all the plants back into place, and put the porch furniture back out.

But really, it was an “I shaved my legs cleaned the gutters for this?” kind of storm.

This year, it’s been interesting in a odd fashion. Storm season has been an afterthought for me. Usually, when storm season starts in June, I get all our storm supplies laid in so that we’re ready. I have a spreadsheet with expiration dates, and I rotate the supplies as needed.

This year, I was in the natural market on Friday, and I thought “I really should get a couple of loaves of shelf stable gluten free bread. And the emergency ice cream.”

That was the extent of my storm prep for the season. (And before you ask, emergency ice cream is a thing in our house. If the power goes out, eat the emergency ice cream FIRST.)

In talking with other area moms about storm prep (and the lack thereof — I’m not alone in this), I said the following: “My crisis management brain is currently occupied. All other crisises need to wait in line.”

From the reactions, this is apparently a deeply profound statement. But it’s true. I’m so focused on the pandemic and the crisis response to it (and Florida’s distinct LACK of crisis response to the pandemic) that the news that there was a Cat 1 hurricane heading for Florida? Please, don’t bother me with trivials! Oh, it weakened, and now it’s just a tropical storm? Turn off the sprinklers, we don’t need to water the lawn this weekend. Better barbecue tonight, it’s going to rain tomorrow.

Now, there was writing and writing prep this weekend.

Wings of Air
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 4

56448 / 120000 (47.04%)
John Zebedee and the Monstrous Town
0 / 30000 (0.00%)

Wait a minute, Liz! That wordcounter says zero! Yes, it does. That was the writing prep. I have the writing plan all ready, and I’m starting the synopsis for John Zebedee Meets the Witch Queen of Elfland.

The plan is to have EVERYTHING done by December. Which will make this the busiest writing year of my career — I’m hoping to finish 2020 by completing three novels, three novellas and one short story.

Last week was the busiest release week of my career — four releases in one day!

Under the Cape includes my short story Time for No Mercy.

Fools Rush In, Her Captive, and To Market are all reprints, and are all enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.  We’ll see how that works for the next 90 days. Then maybe I’ll go wide with them.

Not much else is going on here. We’re getting ready for school to start (we took the full remote option — refer to previous statement about Florida’s lack of crisis response.) And part of getting ready for school is a deep clean of Teen Boy’s room, something that we’re taking in small bites so as not to overwhelm him (or me!) Yesterday was the bookcase, today was the desk. Tomorrow is under the desk, and under the bed, and getting the menagerie of stuffies under some semblance of control. Curtains and bedding will be washed later this week, and everything vacuumed. At that point, I think it will be easier for him to manage, and to find things (there were several instances of “Oh, THERE that is! I was WONDERING where that went!” over the past two days.)

Hope things are boring your neck of the woods. In a good way, anyway.

Stay safe.

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Fly, My Pretties!!!

Today, I have something happening that I rarely do — I actually don’t think this has ever happened to me before.

I have four book releases today!

One of these is an anthology appearance, my first with Riverdale Avenue Press. Under The Cape is a sexy superhero anthology edited by Rachel Kenley, and it was fun to work on.

My story in this anthology is Time for No Mercy, and yes, that’s a Doctor Horrible reference.

The other three all re-releases of short stories. I’m starting them out in Kindle Unlimited, to see how they do. So in 90 days, they might go wide. Or they might not. It’s an experiment.

First up — my erotic retelling of an already erotic poem.

To Market.

Do not go to the Goblin Market. Do not try their wares.


Second release was inspired by Tom Smith and his song Kidnapped by Pirates is Good.

Her Captive

What do you do with a kidnapped sailor…?


And finally, my action romp through an ancient temple.

Fools Rush In.

When someone tells you that something cannot be done, proving them wrong might just be interesting.


(I’m really very pleased with how that cover came out.)

EEEE!!!! New books!!!!

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“I’d Like Some Dull Now…”

Wings of Air
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 4

51671 / 120000 (43.06%)

So, can we stop living in interesting times now? I’d really like some dull now.

Granted, the whole “staying home and not interacting with people  you don’t live with” thing is getting really old and boring. But the reasons that we’re doing that haven’t gone away, so we’re going to keep on staying home and not interacting as much as possible.

And, in my case, I’m going to keep focusing on writing. Because I know everything will be all right in the worlds I’m creating — they’re romances, after all. The HEA is guaranteed.

Wings of Air is progressing nicely. I’ve FINALLY gotten them out of Terraces, and I’m heading for a scene that I’ve been waiting to write for a while.

The synopsis for John Zebedee and the Monstrous Town is done, and I’ll start putting together the synopsis for John Zebedee Meets the Witch-Queen of Elfland once I’m not with something SOOPER SEKRIT and very exciting.

I was honored to be part of Wordier Than Thou’s Night of Paranormal Stories this past Friday. I read from Heart’s Master, which was fun to revisit. (and, of course, reread over the weekend!)

(Yes, that’s my office. Yes, that’s Super Grover.)

Not much else is happening. We’re having a quiet anniversary — 23 years for me and Mister M. (Well, today is 23 years observed. We were actually married by a Justice of the Peace on July 11th, 1997.) Apparently, we mark 23 years with manual labor — M and I got out in the garden this morning, and it’s looking good. Well, better than it had been. I’m still not sure just where those tomatoes came from, because they’re not the ones I planted. None of my other seeds started — well, except the peas, and they’re done.  So I went out yesterday and picked up started plants and potting soil. We may have the repeat of the Year of the Eggplant — I got two Black Beauty eggplants and two orange bell peppers.  I potted a couple of pineapple crowns, for when we redo the pineapple bed in the back of the garden. (That’s going to wait for cooler weather.)

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It’s thundering at the moment — not unusual for a summer afternoon in Florida. So I’m going to go off and get some offline stuff done.

Stay safe, everyone. Wear your masks and wash your hands

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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

If you’ve been looking at my book page, or checking out my Amazon listing, you might have noticed that there are some books missing. Like… all of the Rebel Mage books, and Chains of Light, and everything else that was published by Forbidden Fiction/Enspire Publishing.

The reason for that is simple:  after 8 years, four books, a few short stories, and a lot of good times, Forbidden Fiction and I have gone our separate ways.

It was a most amicable parting, and I’m sorry that I won’t get to work with Lon as my editor anymore.  I’ve worked with quite a few editors over the years, and I can honestly say that he’s one of the best.

Now, what does that mean for the Rebel Mage books and Chains of Light? And the short stories?

Forbidden Fiction has reverted all rights to me. So, at some point in the future when I have the time to do so, I’ll be rereleasing my work from Forbidden Fiction.  It will probably happen sometime in 2021 — I just don’t have the spoons at the moment. Which gives me time to decide if I want to rework Counsel of the Wicked and take out that scene. There are reasons to cut it (everyone seems to nope out at that scene), and there are reasons to leave it (it’s easily the most powerful thing I have ever written).

There will be decisions made. Just not yet. I think that when they do come out, it will be Chains of Light first. But again, I have time to make those decisions.

Be well. Stay safe.



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I Forgot the Title

Wings of Air
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 4

47038 / 120000 (39.20%)

It’s Monday again, isn’t it? How did that happen?

Not much is happening at the moment. That I can talk about, at least. I have a new anthology coming out next week — Under the Cape  is a look at sexy superheroes, brought to you by Riverdale Avenue Books. No cover art yet, but once I have it, I’ll post it. My short story is Time for No Mercy. Yes, that is a Doctor Horrible reference.

I finished the synopsis for John Zebedee and the Monstrous Town. And I’ve pushed John off to the back burner to percolate while I work on the thing I can’t talk about. He’s immortal. He can be patient.

Work on Wings of Air proceeds. I’m finally getting our heroes (the whole lot of them) out of Terraces (comma dammit). I’m really kind of amazed that there were enough things going on before the main things that it took me sixteen chapters to get the main thing moving. Like… what? I know I write wordy, but this seems a lot even for me. And going through the chapters to cut things down? There wasn’t anything I could cut! So, since it seems to be all pretty necessary, I’m just going with it, and we’ll see if anything can be pared down in edits when the story is done.

I’m starting to try and catch up on my reading. First on the list? Real Men Knit, by Kwana Jackson.  Next up? I’ve got a hard choice — I have Well Met by Jen DeLuca (Renn Faire romance!) and The Chai Factor by Farah Heron (barbershop romance??? I hit the Buy button so fast!!!) Also on my list is To Have and Hoax, by Martha Waters. Regency Rom-com is catnip. I think the determining factor on which I read next will be if the romance reading hubby grabs one of them first.  And then…. well….

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I have a few more things to read.

The heavens have just opened up here, and I have a package to go grab off the front porch. So I’m off until next week. Stay safe, everyone.





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Monday, Monday…

And boy, is it being Monday-ish. It’s not even 11:00 here, and I’m already done!

At the moment, I’m working at the dining room table, waiting for the AC Service techs to show up to look over the air-conditioner. No trouble, just annual service. But having someone strange COMING TO OUR HOUSE AND COMING INSIDE THE HOUSE is pegging all the anxiety meters.

Then we have to leave the house, because going out to pick up a certain young man’s new glasses didn’t work on Friday — by the time we left the house, the optician had already closed for the day. And there’s a grocery pickup on the way back. So I have a full day, and I haven’t even figured in the writing yet!

Wings of Air
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 4

43247 / 120000 (36.04%)

I might have to do some backwards writing today.  I threw out about four hundred words this weekend, and Wings of Air is better for it. I’m going to go through the last two chapters and see where else I can tighten — we’re meandering way too far off course. There are scenes in there that don’t advance the plot or the character growth, and I need to tighten the timeline.

Writing is rewriting is rewriting is rewriting… and I think I’ll have a better book out of it when I’m done. And it won’t (well, shouldn’t) change anything that’s already live.

In other news, John Zedebee and the Heir to Elfland (final title, darn it) has gone off to the box set publisher. I’m working on the outline for the next one, tentatively titled John Zebedee and the Monstrous Town, but I need the input of someone else who is working in the box set, because I’d like their characters to be part of it.

Not much else is going on here, and focus is at a premium, so I’m wrapping this up. Stay safe, everyone. Stay in if you can. Remember to wash your hands and wear your mask.

I want to see you all on the other side of this.

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(Insert Witty Title Here)

Maybe I’ll get back to that title. Or maybe not. That’s about the state of my brain this morning.

It’s been a long weekend. Not in a bad way, mind you. In a “it’s a holiday, so people around me are blowing things up.” kind of way.  They’re still blowing thing up — I heard fireworks going off as I wrote this sentence, at 12:41 Eastern on Monday the 6th.

Florida tends to go all in on the fireworks, and for DAYS.

We did what everyone else in their right minds did — stayed in, had our own personal barbecue, and watched Hamilton. 

Yes, there was ugly crying in Act 2. And I had massive amounts of restrain and didn’t sing along with… well… EVERYTHING.

There wasn’t a heck of a lot of writing. I haven’t actually written a word since Thursday. But last week was still a good writing week

Wings of Air
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 4

40655 / 120000 (33.88%)

Things are progressing, and I think I might actually get Aria and her Companions out of the city and on their way by the start of the next chapter.

Maybe. I hope.

In other writing news, the deadline for John Zebedee has been pushed back, so I have time to explore the other stories that he’s been whispering in my ear. I’m plotting those out now, and we’ll see where they go. I have on my to-do list to edit the first book this month, and then get into reworking Sea Prince.  Once I’m done with that, I’ll dive back in to writing John and Ethriel.

In other, other writing news, there’s a new online bookstore out there — Eden Books. I spent a good bit of my morning getting set up there.  We’ll see how it works out.

Also, I’m running a Summer Sale from now until the end of July.  Written in Water is marked down to $2.99 on all platforms, and Forged in Fire is $4.50. Running a sale without spending any advertising dollars (because let’s not feed the FB hate machine) is a bit like yelling down a well. The books are on sale, but does anyone know about them?

Well, now you do. And if you don’t already have the first two books? Give them a try! There’s even a shiny new bookstore to check out!

Stay in, y’all. Stay safe. Read more books.

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Time Travel, The Hard Way.

Since we entered quarantine, my son has grown two inches.

Which means, that since we entered quarantine, my son has grown to be taller than his grandmother, who lives barely twenty minutes away, but hasn’t seen him since March because quarantine.

And this reminds me of a Spider Robinson story from the first Callahan book — Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon. The story is The Time Traveller, and is about Tom, a man who is locked in solitary confinement for ten years, and who comes out to a world he doesn’t recognize, and for which he has no context. For example, when he was locked away, Nixon had only recently declared that he was stepping back from politics, and that the media wouldn’t have Nixon to kick around again.

When Tom returns to the world, Nixon is President.

I have a feeling that it’s going to be like that for a lot of us, once we come out of quarantine.

In quarantine, I’m baking a lot. Lemon donuts, this time. With lemon powdered sugar, because why not be extra? I’m exercising a lot more, and you can follow my fitness journey over on my Instagram. I’m cleaning, too. If you’ve been around long enough, you probably know that I usually let the cleaning slide while I’m working on a book, because there just aren’t enough hours in the day. But, since I’m not leaving the house if I can help it? My house looks like I’m expecting company all the time.

Funny, that.

And I’m writing. Part of my coping mechanism is exercise. The rest is retreating to my own worlds, where things might get dark, but it’ll all come out fine in the end because ROMANCE!

Wings of Air
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 4

36556 / 120000 (30.46%)

Note that I bumped my wordcount. If Wings of Air follows the same pattern as the other books, it’ll come in at something over 30K words more than I think. Which means that this one is going to be a monster of a book.

Do I even need to say that there’s not much else happening? At least, not on a personal level.

In RWA news, we’re gearing up for our first ever virtual RWA National convention. The first of the workshops we’ll be offering have been listed, and this is looking like this is going to be an amazing event! It’s open to non-members, too, so even if you’re not an RWA member, check it out!

And that’s really about it in my neck of the woods. Stay safe, everyone.

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Finished things and Things in Progress

John Zebedee and the Heir of Elfland

37123 / 40000 (92.81%)

Wings of Air
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 4

30376 / 95000 (31.97%)

There’s a little of both today. A finished thing, and some things in progress.

John Zebedee and the Heir of Elfland (formerly Echoes of Light, formerly John Zebedee and the Elf-King’s Son) is DONE.

Sort of.

John and Ethriel have sort of moved into my skull, and there’s more to their story. So there will be a series of John Zebedee novella-length paranormal westerns set in the 1870s. Not sure yet how many novellas there will be — I need to work that out.  That’s one of my things in progress.

While that’s percolating, I’m working on Wings of Air. It’s going to be a long one, I can already tell. I’m nearly a third of the way to my projected wordcount, and the first major plot movement hasn’t happened yet. It’s coming, but so far there’s been a lot of little movement and a lot of character development that I didn’t realize needed to be done first.

Also in the back of my brain is The Sea Prince — something that I started a while back, stopped, started again, and stopped again. I’m going to attempt to restart it. Again. Which might require a scalpel. Or a machete. We’ll see.

There are other things currently wandering around the dark recesses of my creative mind: the series plan for the Flesh and Blood books (which may stay on hold until I sell Blood Bound.) The second White Raven book (also on hold, until I sell the first one.) It’s never really quiet in there. Always someone yelling for me to tell their story.

And in other, writer-but-not-writing-related news, I’ve declared my candidacy for the RWA National Board elections for the upcoming year. Yes, I’m running again. No, I have not lost my mind. Well, not much. I just want to see the work we’ve started continue. The best way to do that is to keep doing that.

Not much else going on in my wide, weird world. My son was fitted for his first pair of glasses today (so he joins the rest of the spectacular family — the only immediate relative he has who doesn’t wear glasses is his six-year-old cousin).  We’re holding on and staying in, and watching Florida go ever more insane — today the Governor redefined how to count occupied ICU beds — instead of all ICU patients, they’re just supposed to count the ones who need intensive care.

Ummm… Doctor Bashir, help me out here?

Nope, doesn’t make sense to Julian either.

Needless to say, we’re staying in.

Here’s hoping the world makes more sense in your neck of the woods. Stay safe, all.




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