Bones of Earth Preorder!

Shattered by betrayal, Aria’s Companions have separated. Aven and Del have retreated to the safety of the Water tribe, leaving Owyn and Treesi behind on land to stand with Aria and help their wounded Heir heal. Despite their best efforts, Aria retreats, rejecting them both.

Owyn knows that he and Treesi can’t do this alone. He starts riding out to the coastal villages surrounding Terraces, sending messages out to the deep, begging Aven to come back, telling him that the Heart can reach the Heir. Then he returns from one such trip to find Aria and Treesi have left Terraces, leaving him behind.

Abandoned, Owyn leaves Terraces. Instead of following Aria, he goes north, trying to find a way to contact the Water tribes. Trying to find a way to save everything before it’s too late.

To do that, he must face his deepest fear, risk losing his heart, and accept help from the most unlikely of allies.

Preorder now on Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold!

Available May 26th!


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Work in Progress: Echoes of Light

Echoes of Light

5795 / 30000 (19.32%)

Today’s blog post is coming to you live and direct from my closet.

(Our area is currently under a tornado warning.)

Things are going apace with Bones of Earth. Edits are being edited. I will, I hope, have the final manuscript uploaded to all the places by next week. Preorders are open at Amazon and everywhere else.

I’m working on the synopsis for Wings of Air, and I keep telling myself that write “stuff happens” and then the planned ending is not a synopsis. At least, it’s not a synopsis in my sense of the word — one where if I get hit by a bus, someone else will be able to finish the series. That being said, I really do want to get this started.

(The storm is now overhead, and the inner doors are rattling. Ummm…)

(Two hours pass)

Back now. We’re fine. Everything is fine. Tornado came MUCH too close to my liking (that being about five miles or so).

My, it’s exciting for a Monday!

Now, since I’ve lost two hours of my day, I’m going to finish this up and get back to work.

Wash your hands, stay inside if you can. Be safe.




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Work in Progress and Completed Work!

Bones of Earth
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 3

109904 / 95000 (115.69%)

Echoes of Light

2765 / 30000 (9.22%)

I gave Bones of Earth a final push yesterday, and finished it last night with a daily word total of 4,303 words. Which means today I’m going to take it easy.

Stop laughing.

Last week, I started the work that I’d been calling John Zebedee and the Elf-King’s Son.  The new working title is Echoes of Light, which means I’m in a titling rut — (something of something else). It also resulted in me spending about an hour finding out if there were fireflies around the Sea of Galilee in Biblical times. The answer? Umm… maybe? There are eight varieties in Israel, but nothing I could find said definitively yes, there’s a variety around the Sea of Galilee. Which means I’m going to do something I don’t normally do — I’m going to wing it.

No, that was not a pun.

Okay, it was, but I didn’t mean it to be.

I’m working on the synopsis for Wings of Air, and will probably be starting to write that in a week or so. Wrapping up Bones of Earth threw some curveballs at me, so I need to work those into how things resolve.  I need to see who is going to be my focal characters in this one. I knew going in that Aria was going to be the primary focus, but Treesi was SUPPOSED to be the primary focus of Bones of Earth, and Owyn sort of took over. Again. Because he’s a brat. So I need for him to take a seat so I can focus on someone else for a change.

(insert Owyn here: “Hey, it’s not my fault you love me so much!”)

(Sit down, Owyn!)

So that’s the plan for now. Work on the synopsis, work on Echoes of Light. Set up the preorders and the ad campaign for Bones of Earth, and get the final polish done. I’m planning on a May 26th release, but that might get pushed back a week or two, depending on edits. We’ll see.  I want to have copies on the table at KeiserSupercon in June (assuming KeiserSupercon happens in June.) There are a couple of other irons in the fire, too, but they’re still written in warm Jell-O. For now, this is what it is.

See you all next week. Virtually, anyway.

Wash your hands! Stay home if you can! And wear your mask!

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From the Writer’s Kitchen: Sunday Gravy.

Starting something new — have a few good recipes that you can make with pantry staples that you should still be able to get at your local grocery store.

We’ll start with Mom-sauce. Also known as Sunday Gravy, if you grew up the child of a Bronx Italian mother. This isn’t the same sauce my Mom would make — I riffed on it when I got my own kitchen. This has more texture and no meat. If you want meat in your gravy, add in a pound or two of browned ground meat. It can be whatever ground meat you like, or a combination of meats. Want all beef? Go all beef. Want chicken and turkey? Do it. Want lamb? Wow, that’s fancy.

Considering that getting meat right now is a dicey proposition, we’ll go with a standard marinara. Just know that you CAN add meat if you want. Just brown it up first.

Okay. Here’s the basic recipe for Mom-sauce (aka Sunday Gravy)

One big can diced tomatoes
One big can crushed tomatoes.
One big can tomato puree
One little can tomato paste

Put into a large pot. Fill each can with water and add that to the pot. Season to your particular taste (salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, garlic, more garlic, that’s not enough garlic, basil, oregano…)

If your pot is not oven safe, put it on the back burner of your stove and let it barely simmer uncovered alllll day. Not even kidding here. It will take all day. Stir often.  It should reduce by half.

If your pot IS oven safe (lid and all), cover and put into a 400 degree oven for one hour. Remove lid and stir. Return to oven and let cook uncovered for another 90 minutes to two hours, stirring every so often. Should reduce by half.

Portion into meal sized containers (about two cups is good for a pound of pasta), and freeze. Defrost as necessary.

This is usually enough for us (a family of three) to last about two months, eating it once a week. If I make lasagna, it’ll last a month.

Now, before anyone starts yelling “That’s not how my Nona made Sunday gravy!” No, it probably isn’t. This is how I make Sunday gravy, and is based on how my mother taught me to make Sunday gravy. Your mileage may vary.

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Work in Progress: Bones of Earth

Bones of Earth
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 3

99336 / 95000 (104.56%)

So I’m going to call it. Bones of Earth will be a draft by the end of the week.

Which means you all get to see the cover!

(I really do like these trees.)

Things are starting to settle down here. I’m getting into a routine.  Get up. Exercise (today was Zombies, Run! — did 1.86 miles, saw four people and six cars total. None close up.) Shower, breakfast, then get to work.

Work today involves wrapping up Bones of Earth, research for John Zebedee, and finalizing the synopsis for Wings of Air. I need to start thinking about Bones of Earth promo, and prepping the presales. I’m thinking late May for a release, and I’ll have it on the table if we actually have a KeiserSupercon.

Which means I really should get to work.

Take care, all. Be safe. Wash your hands and don’t forget to wear your mask.

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Work in Progress: Bones of Earth

Bones of Earth
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 3

95929 / 95000 (100.98%)


And, yet again, I’m running over the amount of words that I thought it would take to tell the story. Bones of Earth has, I think, two chapters left. There might be a third chapter hiding in there, though. So it will be a total of thirty-two or thirty-three chapters. We’ll see how the words fall out.

Writing has been challenging this past week. Every time I think I’ve figured out what we’re doing, something changes it. What changed last week was the results from the RWA Special Election. I am now on the RWA Board as a Director at Large. We all had to hit the ground running — we have a job of work ahead of us, and only five months to do it. So part of my new normal has been adding in daily board business.

What changed this week was that school started again… sort of. Florida school are still all closed. But class is back in session, at least virtually. At least… if they can get the technology to work! First day wobbles and all that. I’m thinking it’ll be worked out by the end of the week. Then I’ll have mornings to write while the kids do school.

I also have two evenings a week to write — several Circlet Press authors have started a virtual writing group, and we get together and do writing sprints. Those have helped incredibly!  More than half of my words last week were written in the two writing sprints I “attended.”

We’re still figuring out which way is up. It’ll take some doing — there is no normal any more. At least, not one that we’d recognize. Now it’s one day at a time, one moment at a time. One step. Then another. Keep moving.

The only way out is through.


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Work in Progress: Bones of Earth

Bones of Earth
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 3

90538 / 95000 (95.30%)

I just saw someone refer to this week as “Week Two: Electric Boogaloo.”

Maybe. I’m not sure if we’re all that punchy yet. Some people might be. I’m not.

Not yet, anyway.

If you missed it, I put Written in Water up as a free download until April 1st.  And I finally got Worlds Begin fixed so that it’s free everywhere as well. I’m working on Bones of Earth, and I need to tweak the scene that I wrote over the weekend. It’s not quite where I want it. There are two pages of synopsis for Wings of Air sitting next to me on the desk, which really isn’t much — my synopses tend to run very long.

And I’m starting to consider adding a virus to the Flesh and Blood books, once I get back to them. Something that only strikes the vampires. Because, you know, your output comes from your input. There are going to be a LOT of quarantine meet-cutes or enemy-to-friend books coming down the pipe. I can see it already.

Hrm… maybe I won’t add a virus to the Flesh and Blood books after all.

Today, I’ll find out the election results for the RWA Special election. I’ll post back once I hear that.

My plans for the week? More writing. Exercising. More writing. Finishing a sewing project. More writing. Cleaning up the house. More writing. Tending the garden I just started. More writing. Not stress-buying all the groceries.

I think that covers it.

Stay safe, all. Stay in if you can.


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Free for your social distancing reading

Things are really weird right now. And not in a happy, fun way. When all of us geeks said that we wanted to live in the future, we were thinking rocket cars and space travel, not global pandemics.

We meant Star Trek, guys! Not The Stand! And definitely NOT The Andromeda Strain!

I’m reading the news, and trying to keep things normal for kids who know full well things are NOT normal. This was was supposed to have been Spring Break, and school was supposed to be back in on Monday. The theme parks are closed, they closed restaurants today, and we did NONE of the fun things I had planned. Monday, instead of going back to school, we start week two of being home. Online school starts the following Monday, and they MIGHT go back to school on April 15th. Maybe.

Personally? I doubt we’ll see the inside of a school again this year. Which sucks for J, who is graduating middle school and was supposed to have the 8th grade graduation trip and the graduation dance.  The trip was supposed to be April 10th. We’ll see what happens about the dance.

So what do we do?

Well, if you’re me, you throw some books out into the wild for free. Here. Have something to read.

I’m still working on Bones of Earth — it’s a little slow going. Finding the time to write during the day is… challenging.  But it’s coming along, and will be finished soon.  Then on to Wings of Air.
So I’ll keep making the words. You keep reading them. And we’ll get along that way.
Stay safe. And go wash your hands.
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Work in Progress: Bones of Earth

Bones of Earth
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 3

85870 / 95000 (90.39%)

Today is day one of self-isolation. Which you might think means “Yay, more writing done!”

Umm… no. Because today was to have been day two of Spring Break (day one was last Friday), and I now have three children at loose ends. (Yes, I said three. No, you’re not misremembering. I only gave birth to one of them. Long story.)

School might resume on the 30th. Maybe. Or maybe not. We’ll see.

So right now, I’m stealing some writing time thanks to the collective power of Minecraft and Roblox.

It’s also taken me about an hour to type just this ^^^^.

Needless to say, the writing may be a little slower than usual over the next two weeks, or at least until I get a handle on juggling this new chainsaw.  And it doesn’t help that the pollen is through the roof here in Florida, so… umm…yeah. Sniffles, coughing, and headaches abound!

Keiser Supercon has been postponed, with a tentative date of sometime in June. We’ll see what happens there, too.

So, for the duration, we’re home. We’re all healthy. And we’re all keeping on keeping on.

Wishing you all the best.

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KeiserSupercon Postponed!!!

I just got the news that KeiserSupercon is being postponed due to concerns about COVID-19.

They are looking toward a summer date, and I will update as soon as I know when that will be.

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